Stronger Than

Stronger Than...

  • your loneliest moment
  • your lowest grade
  • your fears
  • the labels people assign to you

At Campus Health we will help you discover you are stronger than you think.

We launched the Stronger Than resilience initiative because we want to help you learn not only how to bounce back from challenges, but how to turn those challenges into opportunities for learning and growth. Students at the University of Arizona possess unique and extraordinary strengths, and it is our job to help you discover those strengths and learn how to use them to move through an often overwhelming world.  We believe in our students, and we want to help you discover that you are stronger than you think.

How Do I Become “Stronger Than”?

Mindfulness is the practice of being present with whatever arises, inside and out, with a clear mind and open heart.

Find out more about Mindfulness resources available at Campus Health:

Mindful Ambassadors: A student group for receiving ongoing training in select mindful practices and how present these practices. 

Calm Body, Calm Mind: A panic and anxiety group infused with lessons in mindfulness and self-compassion.

Life as a Grad Student: Strategies for Inner Balance

Finding Your Center Coping Skills Group: Learn about navigating difficult life circumstances using mindfulness, interpersonal skills, and emotion regulation.


Spectacular Failures by UA students & staff (coming soon)

Stories of inspirational failure #FamousFailureFriday


Project Lifeline for suicide prevention at UA.

Friend 2 Friend: Learn how you can help a friend get the support they need.

Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS): Want to talk?

CAPS support groups & workshops: CAPS offers groups and workshops for topics like depression, anxiety, eating disorder recovery, happiness, and more!

CAPS offers a FREE Tools for Triumph Workshop Series. Here's what's lined up for Fall 2019:

And check out these self-help resources and other online tools for having a joyful and triumphant school year.

Why is Resilience Important?

The Stronger Than initiative is Campus Health’s response to the increasing rates of stress, anxiety, and depression among college students across the country.

A crucial part of meeting the mental health needs of our students is helping them cultivate resilience-the ability to flourish in the face of external pressures and challenges. We recognize resilience as the foundation to navigating the demanding and ever-changing landscape of university life. With resilience, students can rise to meet the stressors of college and graduate as tenacious, flexible, and courageous adults. 

In keeping with the University of Arizona's core values, the Stronger Than initiative provides students with the tools to be resilient, determined citizens of the world.  We envision a campus culture where it is courageous to be compassionate, vulnerable, and authentic with others. These are the qualities of the innovative risk-takers of the world. 

The Stronger Than initiative challenges the pervasive myth of perfection often driven by social media. The myth of effortless perfection and the natural tendency to compare oneself to curated images online can isolate students and lead to an intense fear of failure. The Stronger Than initiative seeks to engage students in a new dialogue, one that offers a broader perspective, challenges their conceptualization of struggle, and encourages them to consider the ways in which failure is a valuable opportunity for growth.

Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  The Stronger Than initiative believes that this courage can be developed in every student, and we are here to teach them how.