The Clinical Laboratory at Campus Health is an on-site, CLIA-approved, high complexity laboratory that provides hematology, urinalysis, pregnancy testing, serology, and microbiology services. Chemistry and other special testing are available, collected, and sent to our reference lab.  Our laboratory is staffed with registered Medical Technologists who provide quality testing in a timely manner. Our experienced personnel ensure maximum comfort to the patient. Our lab is located on the second floor of Campus Health.

No appointments are necessary for general lab requests.

The University of Arizona Campus Health Service maintains an in-house laboratory and x-ray facility to assist our providers in caring for their patients.  They are not intended to be used for providers not affiliated with Campus Health.  Therefore, our laboratory and x-ray departments will only process orders that are initiated by Campus Health providers who are involved directly, or through a referral, in an eligible student's care.

If a Campus Health provider has referred a patient to specialist doctor and the specialized doctor is requesting blood work or X-Rays, then the orders can be faxed to (520) 626-6156 or the patient can bring in the order directly to the lab on the 2nd floor of Campus Health. X-Ray orders can be faxed directly to (520) 626-8845 or the patient can go directly to Xray on the 1st floor of Campus Health.  

On the order, we will require the patient's name and  date of birth. 

The patient will be required to sign a release of information at the lab or medical records so that the results will be faxed to the ordering provider. 

Hours:  Fall & Spring Semesters: regular hours  |  All other sessions: regular hours (closed from 12:15 - 1:15 pm)