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Stressbusters is a national training and outreach program that teaches student volunteers to be free resource advisors and backrub providers who continuously calm and connect thousands of UArizona students with support services at events all over campus. 

Free Stressbuster back rub events

Stressbusters Health & Wellness App 


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A FREE mental health app for all students!

  • Get alerts about upcoming free Stressbusters backrub events
  • See and share up-to-date Campus Health and wellness events
  • Watch expert how-to videos to bust stress and boost success
  • Get daily reminders and positive affirmations 
  • Watch guided meditations, relaxation videos, and more



Be A Stressbuster

Join this fun and far-reaching force of specially-trained student volunteers! Learn to provide free 5-minute backrubs and wellness info to students across campus. 

1. Apply Right Here, Right Now!

Complete the Stressbusters fast application form and submit it to the Stressbusters program. Applications can be submitted year-round.

The next Stressbusters volunteer training will be Saturday, February 10th, 2024.

2. Meet the Stressbusters Program Coordinators

If your application is accepted, you will be invited for a short interview to make sure that you and the Stressbusters program are a good match.

3. Get Trained

After a successful interview, you will participate in a 4-5 hour training with other students where you will learn the Stressbusters technique. When you complete training according to Stressbusters standards, you’ll be ready to bust stress at Stressbusters events!

FAQ's About Being A Stressbuster

  • Learn effective backrub techniques
  • Meet and team with other students committed to helping people be healthier
  • Participate when and where you want
  • Get experience working on a high-profile wellness initiative
  • Make a huge difference in peoples’ days
  • Access special academic and career connections
  • Have fun, make friends and reduce your own stress

During a 3-4 hour training workshop, you will learn:

  • How to provide simple, low-intensity backrub techniques
  • Essential communication with backrub recipients
  • Key campus wellness resources and how to access them
  • Strategies for successful backrubs and events

No. Stressbusters are community service volunteers, and your training will in no way qualify you to provide services akin to what a licensed massage therapist or physical therapist offers for a fee. Similarly, event attendees do not pay for backrubs.

In addition to the training, participation in at least one event per week is required. Events will be for one hour in the late afternoon/early evening on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Since the average event is one-hour duration, your total minimum time commitment to the program will be approximately 18 hours per semester.

You will never bust alone; you will always be with other Stressbusters, providing backrubs in public spaces. Some examples of Stressbusters event locations and occasions at other schools have included the main library’s mezzanine every Wednesday, residence hall lounges for study breaks, health service waiting areas, the student center and in classroom buildings during midterms.

Yes! Formal evaluation of the impact of the Stressbusters program indicates significantly reduced stress and overwhelmed feelings among participants following a single Stressbusters event. Stressbustees also report feeling better able to complete tasks and cope with stress following their Stressbusters experience.

It can seem strange, but most concerned first-time Stressbusters and backrub recipients say that once you try it, those apprehensions disappear. The popularity of Stressbusters events combined with the great appreciation that most backrub recipients express, tend to override the natural concern you raised.

Stressbusters offers outstanding leadership and resume-building opportunities including program and event coordination, social media communications, marketing, business development, community service, volunteer management and health promotion. Stressbusters team leaders work with students, campus groups, staff and leadership teams at other Stressbusters schools.

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Have questions about the Stressbusters program? Call 520-621-5700 or email