Student Health Insurance

The University of Arizona offers a top-tiered Student Health Insurance Plan. Coverage extends nationwide and has an emergency benefit worldwide. All three State of Arizona university health centers serve as primary care providers and is available to: UA Students, Graduate Assistants & Associates, Post-Doctoral Fellows, J1 Visiting Scholars and J1 Student Interns. Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Plan administered by Aetna Student Health

2019-2020 Policy Year Information

2020-2021 Policy Year Information

COVID-19 Coverage Information

3/25/2020- Aetna PRESS RELEASE- Aetna Student Health Cost-Sharing- Effective 3/25/2020

As you continue to follow the updates on COVID-19 from the CDC and the University of Arizona, this link is for Aetna COVID-19 coverage information

COVID-19 Coverage information from Aetna Student Health (greater details can be found here:

Spring 2021 Open Enrollment Deadline is January 27th, 2021

Policy year: August 16th through August 15th

Important: Dependent coverage is not an available option.