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Health & Wellness Survey

The Campus Health Service has been surveying UA students on a range of health indicators since the 1990s. Our current Health & Wellness Survey (HWS) and methodology was developed in 2002. We use data from the HWS to help improve programs throughout Campus Health, to share with other departments throughout campus, and to see where the needs are for students to better improve the health of our community.

In addition to the annual Health & Wellness Survey, we also collect data on a number of our programs. If you are interested in learning more about our program evaluation efforts, get in touch with us through the contact information below.

All of these evaluation activities are conducted in the Health Promotion & Preventive Services unit of the Campus Health Service.

Our Methods

We collect the HWS survey in person, in randomly selected classrooms each spring semester (mid-February to early March), with the support of UA faculty. This format is more time and labor intensive than web-based surveys, but ultimately helps to minimize the kinds of selection bias sometimes found in online health surveys, which can attract participants who happen to be more interested in health matters. An in-person, paper and pencil survey, we believe, offers a truer cross-section of the health behaviors of UA students.

But wait – you didn’t survey everyone! How can I believe the data if only a small percentage of UA students take the survey?

In fact, the sample size we attain each year is well above what is needed to tell us, with good confidence, that what students are reporting reflects the behaviors of the student body as a whole. A quick sample size calculation shows that at a 95% confidence level, plus or minus 3% for margin of error, we would only need a sample of 1,042 for a population of 43,000.

The Results

Health Topics

We ask questions about a range of health topics. A copy of the 2020 survey can be found here.

Health Topics Include

- Use of alcohol and other drugs

- Protective factors and consequences of alcohol use

- Sexual Health

- Mental health

- Interpersonal violence

- Nutrition, Exercise and Body Image

- Use of Campus Health and Campus Rec services

- Immunizations

2020 Survey 

Related Media

Campus Health also uses data from the HWS to inform our programs to improve the health of UA students.  Examples include:

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Posters and Health Education Media

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SexTalk Column

Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Citing Us

We ask that you cite us should you reference the Health & Wellness Survey data. Please use the following:

University of Arizona Campus Health Service. (Year). Health and Wellness Survey Aggregate Report for Public Use - Weighted Undergraduate Report. Retrieved from https://www.campushealth.arizona.edu/weve-got-data.

Note that as we add additional reports on the website, the name of the report cited will change depending on which report you are using.

More Information

Would you like us to come and talk about these results or bring a health program to your class or group? Feel free to make a program request here. 

To learn more about the Health and Wellness Survey or for questions, please contact:

Dr. Peggy Glider, Coordinator for Evaluation and Research
Health Promotion & Preventive Services
University of Arizona Campus Health Service
(520) 621-5973