Pharmacy Closure

Our pharmacy will be closing at 12:30pm on Thursday, June 27th. Effective Friday, June 28, 2024, Campus Health will no longer offer pharmacy services, which includes filling prescriptions. 

To Transition to a New Pharmacy:

Option 1: Have your provider send prescriptions to your new pharmacy

Option 2: If you have current prescription refills with us, have your new pharmacy call us to transfer them.

Pharmacies near us:

  •     CVS-University/Euclid (825 E University): 520-624-4519
  •     Safeway-Broadway/Campbell (1940 E Broadway): 520-206-9052



Campus Health Pharmacy

We Fill Your Rx & OTC Needs

Swing by between classes to pick prescriptions, over-the-counter items, place a special order, and receive free patient education from our pharmacists and pharmacy techs. Conveniently located right on campus, our pharmacy is here to fill your needs. Eligible students can Bursar all items from our pharmacy.

In Stock: COVID-19 Rapid Tests (results in 10 minutes)! They’re great to have on hand or if you’re traveling.

  • Flowflex Home 1 box = 1 test for $11.99 + tax

*May change based on availability



Services Available At Our Pharmacy


With over 400 Rx items available, our pharmacy can fill prescriptions from Campus Health providers and/or accept prescription transfers. You can also order your prescriptions with our mobile Rx app.

Birth Control Prescriptions

We carry over 20 different types of birth control prescriptions.

Over-The-Counter Products

From sunscreen and allergy products to condoms, emergency contraception, band aids, and fever reducers, we have over 250 OTC items to help keep you healthy. 

Asthma Education

Our pharmacists can teach you tips to better manage your asthma. 

If you have questions or if you’re not sure what you need, call us at 520-621-6516.

Prescription Drug Drop Box

Help us protect the environment and promote public health. Drop off your unwanted, unused, or expired prescription drugs into the lime green drop box located in the Campus Health Pharmacy next to the Burt’s Bees display. Recycling your prescription drugs is anonymous, with no questions asked or labels checked.

Green Dropbox

Why Use The Drop Box? 

  1. When you flush drugs down the toilet they can leach into the water supply. 
  2. When you throw drugs into the trash they can be harmful to animals, small children, and leech into the ground in landfills. 
  3. When you keep unused/expired drugs lying around you risk poisonings or other harms. 

The Drop Box does NOT accept:

  • thermometers
  • inhalers
  • lotions/liquids
  • aerosol cans 
  • needles
  • hydrogen peroxide 

Frequently Asked Questions

The pharmacy honors, at the discretion of the pharmacists, outside prescriptions which meet the following requirements: 

  • The patient is a currently enrolled student at the UA. 
  • The prescriber is duly licensed and the printed name of prescriber appears on prescription blank and identifies prescriber. (Arizona State Law).  If out of state-the prescriber signature must be legible. 
  • The prescription itself is valid and legible, subject to Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, Rules and Regulations.  (e.g.: Date presented is not greater than 1 year from date written or not greater than 6 months from date written for controlled substances in classes 3-5.  Class 2 medications cannot be transferred). 

If you have authorized refills at your pharmacy and would like to have your prescription transferred to the Campus Health Pharmacy, please check with the pharmacy staff for details by calling (520) 621-6516. 

Bring in the written prescription your doctor gave you and your picture ID. 

You can call our 24/7 refill line at (520) 621-6516. If you call after hours, please leave all of your information and your prescription will be ready the next business day as long as you have refills remaining. 

You can also use our Mobie Rx app to type in your prescription refill number.  

Call (520) 621-6516 or come in with the old prescription label.  We will need the phone number of that pharmacy and if possible the RX# they gave your prescription as well as your information. We will call that pharmacy and if you have current refills, we can get your prescription ready that day.  

We are happy to fill any prescription for eligible students, but you are not required to fill at our Pharmacy. A list of community pharmacies can be found online or by contacting your insurance provider. 

The wait is usually only 10-15 minutes. You can speed up the refill process ahead of time by calling us at (520) 621-6516 or use our Mobie Rx app to type in your prescription refill number. 

We carry over 400 prescription items and can  special order medications that we do not carry. Call (520) 621-6516 for more information. 

We currently only accept the ABOR UnitedHealthcare Student Health Insurance Plan

If you don't have this insurance, we are still happy to fill your prescription(s). We can send charge(s) to your Bursar's account, if eligible. You may wish to consider submitting your bill and receipt(s) to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Want to know a price of a medication? Give us a call at (520) 621-6516.

We get great deals on our products because we only serve the UA population and we pass that savings on to you!  Most of our prescription medications are cheaper than what retail pharmacies charge. Please feel free to call (520) 621-6516 and ask us for a price quote.

Patient Assistance Programs are available if you can’t afford a critical prescription.  Our Referral Office can help you!  For more information, please call (520) 626-5948.

Anything in the pharmacy can be billed to your Bursar's account – prescriptions and our wide selection of over-the-counter products.You must be eligible to use Bursars. 

Of course! The pharmacy will take credit and debit cards and the reception desk will take cash, check, credit and debit cards. 

At Campus Health (Highland Commons Building) on the 1st floor.  Call (520) 621-6516 for directions.