Off-Campus Prescriptions

The pharmacy honors, at the discretion of the pharmacists, outside prescriptions which meet the following requirements:

  • The patient is a currently enrolled student at the UA.
  • The prescriber is duly licensed and the printed name of prescriber appears on prescription blank and identifies prescriber. (Arizona State Law).  If out of state-the prescriber signature must be legible.
  • The prescription itself is valid and legible, subject to Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, Rules and Regulations.  (e.g.: Date presented is not greater than 1 year from date written or not greater than 6 months from date written for controlled substances in classes 3-5 and 90 days for class 2).

If you have authorized refills at your pharmacy and would like to have your prescription transferred to the Campus Health Pharmacy, please check with the pharmacy staff for details by calling (520) 621-6516.