Joel Gaffney, Ph.D


Dr. Gaffney joined CAPS in Fall, 2018 when he moved from the Aloha State of Hawai'i. There, he had been working at the University of Hawai'i Counseling and Student Development Center for four years before moving to Tucson. Prior to that, Dr. Gaffney earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Miami University (Ohio) where he was trained primarily from a perspective rooted in Personal Construct Psychology. The ways we navigate risk and fulfillment in relationships is central to Dr. Gaffney's views on psychotherapy, mental health, and life. Dr. Gaffney also incorporates a lot of mindfulness-based techniques in his work with students. Working with a wide range of incredible students is a big part of what Dr. Gaffney loves about his job, and he has particular interest in working with grievers, students in the LGBTQI community, men's issues and masculinities, anxiety, depression, athletes/performers, and folks struggling with attention difficulties.