LGBTQ Resources & Treatment

Campus Health Service

At Campus Health, we know that many gender and sexual minority (GSM) people are hesitant to seek medical and mental health-care experiences. Campus Health is dedicated to providing high quality, respectful, and gender-affirming care for all of our students. 

Students who identify as trans* including Trans-masculine/transmen, Trans-feminine/transwomen, transgender, transsexual, gender non-conforming, genderqueer and non-binary identities will be welcomed and supported. All CHS personnel have been Safe Zone trained, and opportunities exist for more training each year.  Collaboration between medical and mental health staff ensures a continuity of care and direct communication between your treatment team members via the multidisciplinary Trans Treatment Team, which meets periodically to review CHS cases and policy. We welcome all enrolled undergrad and graduate students, with sensitive inclusivity of all races, cultures, classes, and religions.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health services through Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS, third floor Campus Health) include individual, couples and group counseling, referrals to LGBT community providers, support groups, psychiatric treatment, outreach and consultation to the university community, and to parents of UA students.

Medical Services

Medical services (through Women’s Health Clinic, Second Floor,) include consultation, initiation and continuation of hormonal treatment, letters of support and referral for surgical transition, and general wellness, including at-birth bodies, and bodies in any stage of medical transition. We also offer STI testing and treatment, birth control, and safer sex tools and information.

Medical Providers specializing in Trans Services: Katherine Schuppert, MD & Jill Verbridge, NP

Speech Feminization Treatment

Speech-feminization treatment is offered through the UA Speech and Hearing Clinic (520-621-7070, can ask for Janet Hawley, 1131 E 2nd St.) Services include extensive pre- and post-treatment evaluation (including body language, gestures, intonation patterns, posture, proxemics, as well as vocal pitch and tone. Eval - $200, Group sessions - $35 (when there are at least three participants), Individual - $80.

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Questions about Trans Support, Services, & Treatment?

Feel free to call, stop by, or schedule a free brief consultation with a CAPS Clinical Care Coordinator at one of our locations.  CAPS Main: 520-621-3334 or CAPS North: 520-626-3100.


You may also use the contact form below to reach us. 

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