J1 Student Interns

The US Department of State (DOS) requires all J1 Student Interns to have insurance.  J1 Student Interns are eligible to enroll for The University of Arizona Student Health Insurance Plan with coverage taking effect the date they arrive to the United States through the date of departing the United States plus two days to allow for any circumstances that may hold up the actual departure. You may not change coverage during this period. Coverage dates are based on travel itinerary. J1 Student Intern may be charged an additional 30 days of coverage, with no refund, if departure documentation is not provided at time of check-in.

Purchasing the Student Health Insurance

  • Host department must arrange for an EMPLID

  • Once EMPLID is obtained, submit Enrollment Application

  • Once Enrollment Application is received, an invoice for 30 Days of Coverage will be emailed to department and Student Intern. Wire transfer information included in the invoice.

Once initial payment received, a Proof of Insurance for 30 days will be sent to International Student Services (ISS) and Student Intern.

Travel Itinerary

  • After DS-2019 is received and visa is issued, make your travel arrangements and provide the Campus Health Insurance office your travel itinerary showing date of entering and departing the United States. Submit travel itinerary securely to:  https://web.health.arizona.edu/cgi-bin/secure/insform.php/
    • When this information is received, the Campus Health Insurance office will issue an invoice to the student for the remaining amount of premium due.
  • Upon arrival to The University of Arizona:
    • Check-in with the Campus Health Insurance office
    • Present travel itinerary (if not already provided)
    • Present DS-2019
    • Pay remaining premium (if not already paid) by money order or cashier’s check.
  • UA Campus Health Insurance office will:
    • Issue an insurance ID card
    • Provide an overview of the Insurance Benefits
    • Email a Final Proof of Insurance to ISS and Student Intern

2022-2023 Premium, Payment & Coverage Period