Referral Requirement/Maintaining Network Benefits

Open Enrollment Notifications

Our office sends out four “Open Enrollment” notices each major (fall & spring) semester through broadcast email.  These open enrollment notifications and information regarding the Student Health Insurance are sent to the student’s official UA email ( address in compliance with UA email policy.

Automatic Renewal of Coverage

Once enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled and billed the appropriate premium through the UA Bursar’s office in future semesters (each fall and spring) within 3 business days of showing registration units, providing eligibility is met.  If you wish to cancel coverage, you must do so during the published open enrollment. 

Enrollment for Post-Doctoral Fellows, J1 Visiting Scholars and J1 Student Interns are handled directly through the UA Campus Health Insurance Office.

Coverage Periods

Fall Semester: provides 4 1/2 months of coverage; August 16th through December 31st
Spring Semester: provides 7 1/2 months of coverage; January 1st through August 15th (includes the summer months)
1st and 2nd Summer Semesters: provides 2 1/2 months of coverage; June 1st though August 15th

Maintaining Network Benefits

All three state university campus health services (UA, ASU and NAU) serve as primary care providers for the enrolled members under this plan.

Referral is Required: for services received within 50 miles of the UA Main Campus (85721).  If the community provider refers you for additional care, UA Campus Health must authorize that referral prior to being seen.

Referral is Not Required: for services received beyond 50 miles (based on zip code where services are received) from the UA Main Campus (85721); treatment of an emergency medical condition at an Emergency Room; participating Urgent Care Facilities (all follow-up treatment received within 50 miles of the UA Main Campus must obtain a referral from UA Campus Health); Obstetric and Gynecological Treatment; Routine Eye Exams; Preventive/Routine Services (services considered preventive according to the Affordable Care Act and/or services rendered not to diagnose or treat an Accident or Sickness); Injury to Sound, Natural teeth; and Impacted Wisdom teeth.

Insurance ID Cards are available by going to Select “The University of Arizona” from the drop down menu, click on “View your School” and select the “Get your ID Card” link or you may request one to be mailed to you by calling Aetna at 866-376-7450.

Locating Aetna Participating Providers

Online provider directory: Select “Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy”, start a new search (Option 1), search as a Guest, enter zip code, select a Plan is “Open Choice PPO”. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure they are seeing Aetna participating providers.

If going out of the country, review the Benefits and On-Call International information.

List is subject to change.

Tucson Area Hospitals

General Numbers Campus Health Referrals

Northwest Hospital

6200 N. La Cholla Blvd.


Tucson Medical Center

5301 E. Grant Road


Aenta Student Health Customer Service


To update an existing Referral

520-621-5270 or 520-626-5948

Saint Joseph's Hospital

350 N. Wilmont Road


Banner University Medical Center

1501 N. Campbell Ave


After-Hours Medical Assistance


No Charge


UA Campus Health

Appointment Line


Saint Mary's Hospital

1601 W. St. Mary's Road


NextCare Urgent Care

501 N. Park Ave.



855-835-2362 ($25 co-pay)

Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS)

520-621-3334 (available 24/7)