Stay In Your Sweet Spot, Stop At The Buzz


  • If you choose to do alcohol, make sure YOU do the alcohol and the alcohol doesn’t do YOU.

  • You can't manage what you can't measure. Know what's in a standard drink.

  • When drinking use moderation skills and protective strategies to stay safer and have a night to remember.

  • Avoid mixing and consuming alcohol in combination with other drugs (prescription and/or recreational substances).

  • 86% of UA students indicated they party one night per week or less.1

  • Stay in your Sweet Spot - the drinking zone when the positive, social benefits of alcohol exceed the negative aspects most people would rather avoid (getting sick, bad decisions, hangovers, etc.).

University of Arizona Good Samaritan Protocol 

Smart and informed decisions about alcohol use guide our ability to better fulfill school and life ambitions, maintain our values, develop meaningful social relationships, and achieve optimum health and wellness.

When it comes to alcohol, potential benefits come from moderate use. You can self-regulate your consumption, stay in your Sweet Spot, and improve your connections with others.

Services & Resources At Campus Health

Plan Your 21st Birthday: 21st birthdays can be fun and safe. Project 21 helps students make their birthday a night to remember.

The Buzz:  A fun, highly praised, and impactful alcohol prevention program for large or small groups.

eCheckup to Go:  Provides brief, personalized feedback on your alcohol use and related risk factors.  

AUDIT:  Have questions about your alcohol use?  This 2-minute screening can help identify if you are at risk. 

Booster:  Thinking of making changes to your alcohol use?  Use our online booster form to get your goals down.  We'll send you a reminder email in 30 days to help keep you on track.

BASICS has been a part of programming at Campus Health since 2002. Individual referrals are welcome. As a result of student participation and evidence for the program’s effectiveness here at the UA, Campus Health was awarded a U.S. Department of Education Model Program Award in 2005. BASICS is specifically designed for college students to prevent/reduce high-risk drinking and related negative consequences through personalized feedback. If you or your group are interested in BASICS, call CAPS at (520) 621-3334.

Free individual consultations are available for students wanting to discuss alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues concerning themselves or their friends. Call (520) 621-5700 to set up a confidential meeting with a licensed professional.

Access free screenings for anxiety, depression, alcohol and other drugs, eating, and general well-being through MindWise

At CAPS, enrolled students can receive mental health care, including self-paced self-help, short-term counseling, short-term psychiatry, groups, and workshops.

Campus Health provides the SHADE program for students who are in violation of alcohol and marijuana policies at the UA.  Find out more and/or enroll in a class here.

The RedCup Q&A: Separating Alcohol Fact From Fiction appears in the Arizona Daily Wildcat and is written by Lynn Reyes, LICSW, LSAC, David Salafsky, DrPH, MPH, Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES,  Spencer Gorin, RN, Christiana Castillo, MS and Kaye Godbey, MPH in the Health Promotion department of Campus Health.

Have a Question? If you have a question that you would like to have answered in the RedCup Q&A, click here.

Wildcats Anonymous is an on-campus organization that works jointly with CAPS to provide meetings, programming, and peer mentoring for students who want to address their substance use. We are also committed to providing free activities that actively promote alcohol and substance abuse awareness or provide an alternative to activities commonly associated with alcohol abuse. Find out more about Wildcats Anonymous.  

Presentations are offered  virtually or in-person.  Please view our presentation menu and request your presentation here.








We Got The Facts From You

2020 Health & Wellness Survey

85% of UA students said that they party one night a week or less.

87% of UA students eat before and during the time they are drinking.

94% of UA students refuse to ride with a driver who has been drinking.

Over 50% of UA students set a limit on the number of drinks they have when they party.

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