Sleep is a necessity, like food and water.  According to most sleep experts, adults need 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night for optimal health and performance. Getting enough quality sleep can be hard - but the benefits are worth it. From having a positive impact on our mood, stress levels, academic performance, immune system, and overall health, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated.

Optimize Your Sleep

Try following the 10 Sleep Commandments by Dr. Michael Grandner, Director of the UA Sleep & Health Research Program:

  • Thou shalt keep a regular schedule
  • Thou shalt exercise regularly but not too late at night
  • Thou shall get light during the day and avoid it at night
  • Thou shalt keep your bedroom cool, dark, and comfortable
  • Thou shalt not go to bed too hungry or too full
  • Thou shalt not drink excessive liquids in the evening
  • Thou shalt not ingest caffeine, nicotine and alcohol at night
  • Thou shalt not go to bed angry or worried or upset
  • Thou shalt get rid of the clock
  • Thou shalt not nap too long or too late during the day

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