Exemptions for International Students

The University of Arizona requires all international students on non-immigrant visas (degree and non-degree seeking, resident or non-resident tuition, including online) showing at least one registration unit, to carry the Student Health Insurance Plan unless one qualifies for an exemption.

If your policy meets the Health Coverage Guidelines and you fall into one of the categories below, submit the Exemption Request form and required documentation to our office securely. Exemption requests MUST be submitted to the Campus Health Insurance office each semester during the published open enrollment. Open enrollment notices are sent to your official UA email (@email.arizona.edu) address in compliance with the UA email policy. Please note that exemptions cannot be made for Individual policies. Do not cancel coverage through your UAccess Student Center; you must submit an exemption request. Once received and reviewed, an email notification will be sent to your official UA email (@email.arizona.edu) address within ten business days informing you as to whether or not your request has been approved.

Exemption Deadlines Dates
2022 Spring January 26, 2022
2022 Summer Pre-session May 25, 2022
2022 Summer Session I June 20,  2022
2022 Summer Session II July 25, 2022
2021 Fall September 7, 2021

Failure to submit your exemption request by the deadline date
will result in you paying the insurance premium.


Exemption Request

Submit Securely


1. If you have an approved Government Sponsor or an Official Sponsor that provides health insurance for you. View List of Approved Sponsors. Family members are not an official sponsor under this provision.

2. If you (or your spouse or parent) have University of Arizona, Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University employer health insurance. Provide benefit information - instructions listed on number 2 of the exemption request form. You will also need to purchase a Medical Evacuation and Repatriation benefit that meets the Health Coverage Guidelines as it is not included in the UA, ASU, or NAU benefits.

3. If you (or your spouse or parent) have a US employer who provides health insurance for you.

If you gain US employment with health insurance benefits taking effect within 60 days of when the Student Health Insurance takes effect, email chs-insurance@distribution.arizona.edu with your circumstances.

4. If you are an exchange student who is provided a group health insurance policy through your home-university or organization coordinating your exchange. Note: not all home-universities/organizations allow for exemptions and not all policies meet the health coverage guidelines.

5. If you are outside the U.S. for a whole semester doing any of the following; Research, Thesis, Dissertation, Outbound Study Abroad or Distance Learning. The Health Coverage Agreement form will also be required.

  • NOTE: F-1 students must also submit the Outside the US for COVID19 e-form in MyGlobal (under “Remote Students”) and this attestation form. For more information and updates, go to ISS Announcements.

6. Summer only - If you are transferring from another US university and enrolled under that university’s sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, provide proof of insurance showing coverage period.

7. If you are registered for ONLY a summer pre-session course. Proof of other insurance coverage will be required.

Office Number (520) 621-5002 / Fax Number (520) 626-8616
Email: chs-insurance@distribution.arizona.edu