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Dental Discount Program

The Vital Savings on Dental Discount Program is offered through Aetna. Enrollment is available to all registered University of Arizona students, as well as Post-Doctoral Fellows, J1 Visiting Scholars and J1 Student Interns who are affiliated with The University of Arizona. This is not an insurance policy.

Cost of this program is a one-time fee of $25 for an annual membership. You can enroll now for this program. This program takes effect September 1, 2021 or the day you enroll if after.



Enroll Here

Locating Aetna Participating Providers: Online provider directory: www.aetnastudenthealth.com. Select “Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy”, start a new search (Option 1), search as a Guest, enter zip code, select a Plan is “Vital Savings on Dental”.

It is the member’s responsibility to assure they are seeing Aetna participating providers.