Volunteer Opportunities

Campus Health provides volunteer opportunities for:

Active Minds is a student-run advocacy group that works to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses. Active Minds increases students’ awareness of mental health issues, provides information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourages students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serves as liaison between students and the mental health community. Find out more.

Interested in getting involved?  Contact Lee Ann Hamilton at hamilton@email.arizona.edu.

The Body Positive Initiative at Campus Health Service is a team of students and staff dedicated to enhancing self-worth and positive body image among all UA students. It is their goal to get the message out that every body is beautiful in its own way and diversity is something to be celebrated.

Body Positive embraces health over the numbers on a scale and confidence over comparison to others. Through their tabling events around campus, workshops, and discussion series, they hope to be a positive force of change in how students on the UA campus view themselves and others.  Find out more.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Lisa MacDonald at lmacdonald@email.arizona.edu.

Cooking on Campus provides hands-on culinary classes to give students a unique opportunity to build confidence in the kitchen by creating, and tasting, deliciously healthy meals.  They help students learn what to shop for on a budget, develop the cooking skills that they need and get answers to their burning nutrition questions from people who are passionate about great-tasting food! Find out more.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Christy Wilson at cwilson4@email.arizona.edu.

Mindful Ambassadors work with the Counseling & Psych Services department of Campus Health. They receive ongoing training in select mindful practices and how present these practices. Ambassadors go to various venues on campus to present brief Mindful Moments – classrooms, residences halls, sorority and fraternity houses, campus clubs and organizations, and other campus programs, during which  they are invited to present.  Find out more.   

Interested in becoming a Mindful Ambassador?  Write to Melissa Keller at mfk2@arizona.edu

Nutrition Navigators is your go to program for all things nutrition.  They give you the facts to enhance your nutrition knowledge.  Their programs provide a food neutral message and are fun! Program options include drop in Q&A at the Rec and nutrition focused presentations. Aimed to increase confidence, take the stress out of eating and promote a healthy relationship with food. Find out more.

Interested in getting involved?  Contact Ashley Munro at ashleymunro@email.arizona.edu.

The Stressbusters program specially trains volunteer teams of students to provide free 5-minute backrubs and wellness info to students at campus events, dorms, libraries, and wherever else the stressed are gathered.
Make a Big Difference
  • learn effective backrub and other stress reduction techniques
  • meet and team with other students committed to helping people be healthier
  • make a positive impact in peoples' days
  • participate when and where you want (5 hours per semester required)
  • have a great time, make friends, and relax

Find out more.

Interested in getting involved?  Contact Lee Ann Hamilton at arizonastressbusters@gmail.com.