Sun Safety


  • Use sunscreen daily with SPF 30+ and reapply as needed.
  • Avoid getting sunburned.
  • Finding skin cancer at an early stage is crucial; early detection can greatly increase your chances for cure. Examine your skin with the ABCDE’s.
  • Skin cancer can affect your appearance and/or be life-threatening.
  • If you’re concerned about changes on your skin, make an appointment with a medical professional. Don’t wait!

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. The sun in Tucson is intense and can damage your skin over time, leading to skin cancer. The good news is there are steps you can take to protect the largest organ of your body - your skin! Here’s how: wear protective clothing (including hats and sunglasses), apply sunscreen daily, avoid the sun between 10am-4pm, stay away from tanning beds, and check your skin for any changes.

Services & Resources at Campus Health

If you are worried about a spot on your skin, you can make an appointment with one of our medical providers. Call (520) 621-9202.

Our pharmacy carries a variety of sunscreen options. Call (520) 621-6516 for more information and pricing.

Additional Resources