Presentation, Outreach, & Interview Requests

Bringing Health & Wellness To You

Campus Health provides relevant, reliable health and mental health education, outreach, and programs.


Presentation Requests

Campus Health can bring interactive presentations to your dorm, classroom, and/or club. Presentations can be adapted to your audience as needed.  
Please allow 2 weeks notice if possible. 

Request a Campus Health Presentation

Looking for another topic? Select "other" on the request form. 

Presentation Menu

All presentations are 50 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Campus Health 101 (10-15 minutes)
Discover the services and programs Campus Health offers to support your health and wellness.

Digital Detox
Find a better balance between you and your phone - a few small changes can have a big impact on your life.

The Buzz (50-90 minutes)
Beach balls, frisbees, and game show buzzers are all part of this fun, interactive group alcohol education program.

Red Cup Q&A
Separating alcohol fact from fiction.

Food & Mood Connection 
Does what we eat influence how we feel or does how we feel influence how we eat?

Nourishing Choices & Campus Life 
Learn to build satisfying meals while staying under budget.

Nutrition Myth Busting 
Debunk common nutrition myths and get the facts.

Nutrition: [ Name Your Topic ] 
Not finding a nutrition presentation that fits your need? We’ll adapt to you!

SexTalk Q&A
Answers to your burning questions about sex, birth control, STI’s, and more!

Healthy Boundaries
Explore effective boundary setting and how they show up in-person and digitally. 

Navigating Relationships (90-120 minutes)
Develop strategies to build and maintain healthy connections with friends, partners, and others.

Anxiety Toolbox
Learn how anxiety works and practical strategies to manage it in your daily life. 

CAPS 101 (10-15 minutes)
Mental health support comes in many forms. Learn all that CAPS has to offer and how to get started.

Coping with Grief
It's normal to feel a range of emotions when you're impacted by what's happening in the world. Learn how to recognize and cope with signs of grief. 

Notice. Care. Help.
Recognize the signs someone is struggling and learn how to talk with and help someone you're concerned about. 

Self-Care & Coping Strategies
Set yourself up for success with a customized menu to support you through the ups and downs of life.

Stress Management
Discover realistic tools everyone can use to manage stress anytime, anywhere. 

Stronger Than: The Power of Perspective 
Discover how your perspective impacts coping & problem-solving abilities.

QPR Suicide Prevention: Question, Persuade, Refer (90-120 minutes)
We all have the potential to save lives. Learn the 3 simple steps anyone can use to help save a life from suicide.

Tabling & Outreach Requests

Campus Health is available for tabling and outreach events to share services, resources, and interactive education on a variety of health and wellness topics. Please allow 2 weeks notice if possible. 

Request Campus Health for Tabling or Outreach 

If you're looking for a specific Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS) presence 
in response to campus or current events, contact Cassandra Hirdes directly at 520-621-1681.


Interview Requests

Need a statistic for your news story? An expert view for a class project? Want to know what Campus Health is doing to support a specific health and wellness topic? Our health educators and CAPS providers have a wealth of knowledge around all things college health. 

Mental Health & CAPS

CAPS-Specific Interview Request Form 

Please note that interview requests require 2 weeks advance notice. An exception to this time frame may be considered and depend upon the availability of CAPS staff.

Health & Wellness

Please contact Health Promotion, at 520-621-5700. 

To ensure your deadlines, please give 1 week notice.