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Tested Positive For COVID-19?

If you tested positive for COVID-19, here's what to do next:

The University protocol for employees is available on the Human Resources' page COVID-19 Workplace Positive Case Protocol. 

last reviewed/updated: 1/4/23

Step 1: Self-Isolate for 5 days

  • You can end isolation after 5 full days if you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your other symptoms have improved. 
  • Continue to mask through Day 10 when around others.
  • You are encouraged (not required) to take an at-home or antigen test (not PCR) before discontinuing isolation. If the test result is positive, you should continue to isolate until day 10.
  • NOTE: If you have moderate illness (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing), severe illness (hospitalization) or you have a weakened immune system, consult with your health care provider and plan to isolate at least through day 10. 

Day 0 is the first day of symptoms OR the date you tested positive, whichever came first. You should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before leaving isolation.

Isolation & Re-Testing Calendar

Testing Options:

  • Antigen testing is available at Campus Health or through Pima County (fees may apply). 
  • Free at-home test kits are available via covidtests.gov.

Isolating in your dorm means staying in your room unless you need to leave for essential trips. These include bathroom breaks, picking up food (to eat in your room) and occasional breaks for fresh air and exercise where you can maintain physical distance. When away from your room, always wear a mask, avoid groups, and limit your exposure with others as much as possible. Most students will need to isolate for 6-10 days.

Additional Information:

  • University Housing will not be providing separate isolation spaces for residents who test positive for COVID-19.
  • Residents who test positive for COVID-19 isolate in their assigned housing. Students are permitted to isolate off-campus however the University will not reimburse costs for a student to relocate while isolating.
  • If your roommate tests positive, you are strongly encouraged to get tested as soon as possible and to quarantine consistent with CDC guidance. The University will not be providing separate housing for students while they quarantine.
    •  If you choose to relocate during a quarantine period, the University will not reimburse costs for a student to relocate while quarantining.

These guides are here to answer your questions about your next steps and self-isolation:

STEP 2: Report Your Positive Test Result

  1. Upload your positive test result (complete this step if your positive test was performed OFF campus).

  2. Complete the SAFER notification form to initiate the contact tracing process.

  3. Please answer the phone when contact tracers (SAFER) call to complete a case investigation interview. They will attempt to contact you within 48-72 hours of your positive test result. 

  4. If you have the WeHealth Arizona App, open it and click on the "Tests" button and follow the instructions to notify close contacts anonymously. If you have a code, open the menu and select 'Enter a code.'

STEP 3: Consider Treatment for COVID-19

If you're at risk for complications or a severe infection, consider getting evaluated for possible treatment options by a Campus Health clinician.  If used, COVID-19 treatments should be started as soon as possible.  Find out if you are at a higher risk.

STEP 4: Returning To Classroom/Work/Campus

After isolation, you can be around others when the following conditions are met:
  • 5 days since symptoms first appeared (or positive test) AND
  • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications AND
  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving
  • Antigen testing after day 5 is encouraged (not required) before discontinuing isolation. If the test result is positive, you should continue to isolate until day 10.

Not sure if it's safe to be around others? Contact your healthcare provider or call Campus Health at (520) 621-9202
Returning To Work: If you need documentation to return to work, call Campus Health at (520) 621-9202.

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