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2021-2022 CampusCare Benefits & Coverage Period

CampusCare is an option that covers most expenses after a designated office visit fee for services provided exclusively at UA Campus Health. Please note that CampusCare is not a health insurance policy.

CampusCare covers all laboratory tests, x-rays, medical procedures and supplies after the designated office visit fee, unless specified under exclusions. Here are some sample costs after an office visit fee:

Service Without CampusCare With CampusCare
STD Screening $38-$350* $0
Throat Culture $30* $0
Urine Culture $42* $0
Well Woman Labs $68-$235* $0
X-Ray $65-$190 $0

* Plus additional Collection & Handling Fees (Based on 21/22 Price List and subject to change)

CampusCare is an ideal option if you are covered by any type of health plan with:

  • A high deductible

  • No out-of-network benefits

  • Emergency-only coverage

  • Limited benefits for specialty visits such as counseling, physical therapy, nutrition counseling

In the event that a service is not covered by CampusCare and you have a health plan that we participate with, we will automatically bill your insurance unless otherwise noted.

Check here for Commercial Health Plans

CampusCare helps keep your health care costs predictable at an affordable cost per semester. Quality, accredited health care is delivered conveniently on campus.

Cost of $175 per Semester (Fall & Spring) - optional Summer coverage is available.

Covers all laboratory tests, x-rays, medical procedures and supplies provided at Campus Health under the designated office fee, unless specified under exclusions.

$25.00 per office visit:

  • General Medical
  • Walk-in Clinic
  • Women's Health
  • LGBTQ+ Health
  • Sports Medicine
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Physical Therapy follow-up visits
  • Psychologist
  • Master's level Counselor
  • Nutrition Counseling

$40.00 office visit:

  • Orthopedic
  • Physical Therapy initial visit (includes modalities)
  • Psychiatrist (per consult/per med check - office or phone)
  • Gynecology Specialist
  • Insertion/Removal of IUD (does not include cost of IUD)

$50.00 office visit:

  • Medication Evaluation by Psychiatrist

$75.00 office visit:

  • Colposcopy
  • LEEP

 Pharmacy Benefit:

  • Discounted prescription medication plus dispensing fee:
    • $5.25 dispensing for 30-day supply
    • $10.50 dispensing fee for 60-day supply and above

  • Routine and third-party physical exams
  • Travel Immunizations and Preventive Vaccines (except Tetanus due to exposure)
  • Third-party requests, unless approved and ordered by a Campus Health provider
  • University/College required vaccinations, laboratory, and x-ray services
  • Services provided outside of the UA Campus Health (referred or not)
  • STI Screening limited to one per semester, each additional billed to insurance or student discounted rate

Enroll Online for Fall & Spring

Log on to your UAccess Student Center

  • Under the Personal tab
  • Health Care Options
  • Select CampusCare- Plan "M"

Enrollment Guide

Cancellation Guide

Open Enrollment Notifications:
Open enrollment notices and information regarding CampusCare is emailed to each student’s official UA @email.arizona.edu address. Changes to coverage can be made during the published open enrollment through your UAccess account (fall & spring) or with a summer Enrollment/Cancellation form.

Automatic Enrollment:
Once enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled and billed through the UA Bursar's office in future semesters (each fall and spring) within three business days of showing registration units.

Summer Enrollment/Cancellation:
Students have the opportunity to add or extend CampusCare through the summer at a minimal cost; providing year-round coverage. To enroll, submit an “Enrollment/Cancellation” form securely. Enrollment is optional for Summer CampusCare and will not be auto-enrolled for summer coverage. Students who graduate in May are ineligible for the summer option (unless registered for a summer unit - see Eligibility tab).

Class Withdrawal:
If you withdraw from all classes after the open enrollment ends, CampusCare will be cancelled effective the date of withdrawal with no refund. After returning in a future semester, students will then need to re-enroll during the published open enrollment period.

UA students are eligible for CampusCare if they are registered for at least 1 registration unit and have paid the Health portion of the Health & Recreation fee. Spring CampusCare enrollees, with the exception of graduating students, have the option to add summer coverage without needing a summer registration unit.

Fall: 08/16/21 - 12/31/21
Spring: 01/01/22 - 05/31/22
Summer (optional): 06/01/22 - 08/15/22

Last day to enroll:
Fall: September 7, 2021
Spring: January 26, 2022
Summer: June 20, 2022

Open enrollment begins upon class registration and ends the 14th day after the official start of classes.