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Medical and Pharmacy students enrolled at the University of Arizona are required to have their expanded immunizations completed prior to course registration, and throughout their educational career. A student account hold that prevents course registration is in place upon admission and exists until all requirements are met. Failure to meet these requirements will jeopardize your ability to matriculate and/or continue coursework throughout your career. Compliance with expanded immunizations is strictly the student's responsibility.

The expanded immunization requirements are listed below and follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines. The requirements are also listed on the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form which can be given to your health care provider as guide to meeting the immunization requirements for your college.

College of Medicine and Pharmacy Expanded Immunization Requirements

  • 2 Measles, 2 Mumps, and 1 Rubella (MMR) vaccination OR a positive serology proving immunity
  • 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • Hepatitis B surface antibody quantitative titer (This is in addition to the 3 Hep B vaccinations)
  • 2 step TB skin test OR 1 Quantiferon TB Gold lab or T-Spot (The Quantiferon is strongly preferred and can be completed in one visit)
    • A 2 step TB skin test is only required for newly admitted students beginning January 2018 (or one Quantiferon test)
    • The second TB skin test must be administered no more than 21 days after the first TB skin test to qualify as a 2 Step TB Skin Test
  • 1 documented Tdap, with a Td booster given at/after 10 years
  • 2 Varicella vaccinations OR a positive serology proving immunity
  • Current influenza immunization as required by your college

*Copies of lab reports including numeric results and reference ranges are required for all titers drawn outside of Campus Health. 

If you have a current 2 Step TB skin test or Quntiferon please check to see when it is scheduled to expire. Tests scheduled to expire wihin the same month as your orientation date will need to be updated in order to meet compliance criteria.

*Your TB clearance is an annual requirement. The TB Skin Test or Quantiferon TB Gold tests are valid for 365 days from the date administered or drawn. Please calendar yourself a reminder to resubmit this requirement each year to avoid receiving a hold in UAccess.

Positive TB Questionnaire

If you have a history of a positive Quantiferon or positive TB test then you must complete and submit the Campus Health Positive TB Questionnaire. Upon submission of the questionnaire you may be advised to schedule an appointment with a COM/COP designated medical provider to be clinically cleared for the TB requirement.

About the Hepatitis B Compliance Process

It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with your provider upon receiving your admission offer to your college. Your provider should review your immunization history and begin to update your immunizations to meet compliance with your expanded immunization requirements.

The Hep B requirement can cause delays in your registration if you do not start the process early because receipt of the 3 Hep B vaccinations alone does not constitute immunity. If your Hep B Surface Antibody titer returns as 'not immune' to Hep B, further doses will be required which can take up to 6 months to complete. Therefore, you should obtain your Hep B Surface Antibody titer as soon as possible so your immunization status can be considered compliant at the time of orientation and course registration.

A positive Hep B titer alone is not sufficient to meet the Hep B expanded immunization criteria. You must havedocumented proof of the 3 Hep B vaccinations in addtion to the titer to be considered compliant with the Hep B requirement.

Further details on repeating the Hep B vaccination series and other requirements can be found on the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form. Immunization documentation including, but not limited to lab reports, immunization records and other documents received from your provider must be uploaded to your Patient Link for review. You will need your UA NetID and Password to access Patient Link.

Submitting Your Records

To submit your records, please upload the documents to your Patient Link

For the new student, go to Forms then click on Immunization History. You will complete the dates of the immunizations, then click on Add immunization record. This is a one time data entry. Upload additional records to the Immunization Upload.

For the continuing student who is submitting an annual requirement, click on Immunization Upload. Add your immunization record, then Save.

After review of your documentation, a Medical Records staff member will update your PatientLink Immunization page. It is your responsibility to check your immunization status often and throughout your educational career to avoid having immunization holds placed on your account. Your immunizations will be audited for compliance and at any time you are found to be non-compliant, a hold preventing registration will be placed on your UAccess account until updated documentation is received (via Patient Link). Unmet requirements are listed in red under Disease Compliance. To view your Patient Link you will need your UA NetID and password. 

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Lab Orders

Annual Quantiferon labs and drug screening orders for continuing students (not 1st term) do not require an appointment and can be requested via phone at 520-621-2292. Please note, it is the student's responsibility to know the type of drug test needed. Unless otherwise stated the 10 panel drug test will be ordered.

After the order has been requested the student will need to stop by the General Medicine clinic check in desk before proceeding to the lab on the 2nd floor and provide updated insurance information to the receptionist. 

Away Rotations for College of Medicine Students

COM Student's applying for away rotations may e-mail their away rotation forms to Please complete the personal information sections before e-mailing the forms to CHS. A CHS nurse will complete, sign, and return the forms to the student via secure e-mail within 48 hours. Students found needing further immunizations, serologies, or drug screenings in order to complete the forms will be contacted by CHS Immunization Clinic staff regarding their deficient requirements before the forms are signed and returned. There is a charge for this service and it is based on the amount of time it takes nursing staff to complete the forms. The charges are as follows:

     $10.00 for 20 minutes (approximately 1-5 forms can be completed in this timeframe)

     $20.00 for 21 minutes and over

Students submitting in excess of 5 forms should anticipate a wait time of greater than 48 hours for their forms to be returned.

Please note, the CHS Immunization nurses complete only immunization related rotaton paperwork. If your rotation form requires a signature for a physical, statement of health, or fittness to work you must make an appointment to see a physician in the CHS General Medicine clinic.

Where to go for Immunizations

While not the only option, the following university clinics are available for medical and pharmacy students. You should consult with your health insurance to identify additional options, if applicable, or contact your local health department.

Tucson campus Medical and Pharmacy Students: Routine vaccinations are administered as a walk-in service during regular hours at the Campus Health Service clinic. To be sure the Immunization Nurse is available or if you have questions, pelase call 520-621-9202.  The Pima County Department of Public Health may offer adult immunizations. You can call 520-724-7770 for more information.

Phoenix campus Medical and Pharmacy Students: Routine vaccinations are administered by appointment at the Downtown Arizona State University College of Nursing and Innovation clinic. To schedule an appointment, call 602-496-0721.  The Maricopa County Department of Public Health offers immunization vaccinations for uninsured or underinsured adults. You can call 602-839-2289 for locations and hours.  Be sure to upload the record from ASU or other provider to our website.

Please be sure to present your student ID, Aetna Student Health Insurance or other insurance card.

Example of Immunization Compliance Details

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 Positive TB Questionnaire

 Example of Immunization Compliance Details