Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, And Trauma Services

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Oasis Sexual Assault and Trauma Services (Oasis) provides advocacy, support, and outreach to UA students, staff, and faculty of all genders who are impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. Oasis also offers counseling services for Arizona students and can help direct faculty and other UA staff to off-campus resources if needed.

Oasis is affiliated with Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS), which is a unit of Campus Health Service, and is an active partner with Tucson community service agencies. We are fully supported by the University of Arizona in its commitment to model creative leadership in promoting campus civility and mutual respect based on the principles and practices of nonviolence.

Our goal is to contribute to the quality of the overall campus climate, to the safety, empowerment and healing of victim/survivors, to the accountability of offenders, to the success of students remaining productive in their role as students and in the pursuit of their degrees, and to the success of staff and faculty remaining productive in their role as employees.

Our mission at Oasis:

  • To reduce the incidence of sexual assault and interpersonal violence in the UA community.
  • To coordinate and promote effective administrative, legal, medical, and therapeutic responses for students, staff and faculty (Counseling services are for U.A. students only and information and resources are freely given to UA faculty and staff).
  • To facilitate confidential reports on campus and promote data collection and research efforts.
  • To collaborate with and provide coordinated responses between the campus and the surrounding community.

You are not alone.

Listen to these stories from survivors.

Counseling at Oasis:

Surviving a completed or attempted sexual assault will have an impact on your emotional, mental, and physical health. It can alter how you view yourself, how you view others, and how you view the world. It's normal to feel effects during the assault, after the assault, and over a considerable amount of time after the assault.

You do not need to face this alone. More often than not, seeking support from others is helpful. In addition to Oasis and other community agencies, trusted friends or family can provide emotional support.

Find out more about confidential Oasis counseling services. 

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What are my options?

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