What We Do

Counseling & Psych Services: In Service of Student Wellness and Success

Our mission at Counseling & Psych services (CAPS) is to help students thrive personally and academically. To do this, we offer direct clinical services to enrolled students, consultation with concerned family, friends, faculty, and staff in service of students, and outreach and education to the UA community.

Clinical Services

We are proud to be a part of the award-winning Campus Health Service, and challenge ourselves to explore cutting-edge and evidence-based treatments that meet the unique and ever-evolving needs of university students.

At CAPS, enrolled students can receive mental health care, including 

We also offer regular workshops in collaboration with the UA Think Tank and Graduate and Student Professional Council.

Find out more about the following clinical services available at CAPS

CAPS Counseling

CAPS Psychiatry

ADHD Medication

Groups & Workshops at CAPS

Oasis Sexual Assault and Trauma Services

Eating and Body Image Concerns

Collegiate Recovery

Self-Help Resources

Download our resouces list for a quick summary of CAPS services, crisis and community resouces, free apps, and self-help books:


Consultative Services

In the spirit of serving students, CAPS offers consultative services for concerned family members, friends, faculty, and staff.

Concerned parents and families can find out more about helping their student succeed personally and academically through our Parents Matter website.

Concerned friends can find out more about helping a friend who might be experiencing problems through our Friend 2 Friend website.

UA faculty and staff can use our Call & Consult service to speak with a CAPS professional to help problem-solve when difficult student problems arise.

Outreach and Education

CAPS offers training, education, and outreach to the UA community. We regularly participate in UA events  and partner with campus resources like the UA Think Tank and the Women and Gender Resource Center to provide psychoeducation and mental health screenings. CAPS professionals and students involved in the Mindful Ambassadors program also provide psychoeducational workshops and presentations across campus.

If you'd like to request a CAPS presentation or have a CAPS member present at your event, call us at (520) 621-3334 and speak with our outreach coordinator about your options. Please note that events generally need to be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance.