U.A. Code of Conduct

If the person who assaulted you is a UA student, and the assault occurred on campus or at a university-sponsored event, you can file a Code of Conduct complaint against him or her.

The Code of Conduct at the University of Arizona outlines expectations for appropriate behavior. Included as prohibited behavior in the Code of Conduct is "intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm to any person on the University campus or at a University sponsored activity, or intentionally or recklessly causing reasonable apprehension of such harm."

Sexual assault is a serious offense that may result in a variety of university disciplinary actions. Students have the option of contacting the Dean of Students Office to make inquiries and to seek assistance regarding possible violations of the Code of Conduct by another student.

If a UA student files a complaint against another UA student regarding an incident on campus or at a UA-sponsored activity, the UA may pursue Code of Conduct charges against the accused student whether or not these charges are pursued by legal authorities and whether or not the student is convicted of these charges.