Test Anxiety Workshop

Multiple Choice:

Which of the following statements is most true:

a) I freeze during exams
b) Sometimes I avoid studying out of fear or stress
c) I predict the most negative outcome for tests
d) My nerves get in the way of showing what I know on tests
e) All of the above

If you can relate to any of the above, you may have test anxiety. Test anxiety is similar to performance anxiety, in which physical symptoms of nervousness and stress, self-defeating thoughts, and worry appear during exams or other evaluative situations. Recent estimates show that about one-third of college students are affected by test anxiety. Test anxiety not only becomes a problem during exams, but also changes the way students study and think of themselves. This can result in a vicious cycle. Students who feel under-prepared in class material or fear taking tests may actually avoid studying or make less effective use of study time. This can lead to increased anxiety about the test and “freezing” during the exam. What can happen next are self-defeating thoughts and perception that exams misrepresent your knowledge. This cycle continues with each exam that follows.

The goal of the Tackle your Test Anxiety Workshop is to introduce ways to break this vicious cycle. During the workshop, thoughts, actions, and physical sensations/emotions linked with test anxiety will be reviewed. You will learn new skills to help you prepare for exams, challenge self-defeating thoughts, calm your body, and be a more effective test taker. This workshop is based on approaches that have been thoroughly researched and have been found to be effective in managing test anxiety.

Fall 2018 Workshops

When: 5-6 p.m. Wednesday, October 10 and November 14

Where: Student Engagement Center (the one on the second/main floor) in the union, also known as suite 248.

Cost: Free-of-charge

For more information: No need to enroll. Just come on by the Think Tank when the workshop begins. Have questions? Call CAPS to speak with Leslie Ralph, Ph.D. at (520) 621-3334.

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