Tackle Your Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Workshops from CAPS

Test Anxiety Doesn't Need to Keep You Paralyzed

Learn tools to help you manage stress and enhance your performance with these test anxiety workshops from CAPS.


Perform Under Pressure

Download the Perform Under Pressure slides


Eat My Dust, Test Anxiety

Download the Eat My Dust, Test Anxiety Slides


A Meditation for Feeling Safe & Grounded

Join CAPS counselor Melissa Keller in this meditation for feeling safe and grounded...

  • When you feel anxious.
  • Before you study.
  • While thinking about your exam. 
  • On exam day. 



Stressbusters Wellness, U of A Edition: audio tracks, relaxation, meditation, events.

Headspace: Meditation and Mindfulness Made Simple

Stop, Breath & Think: 5 minutes to peace

Woebot Evidence-based treatments, accessible anytime and anywhere.