Make + Maintain Healthy Relationships

Do you...

  • Feel like you put a lot into your relationships and don’t get the same in return?
  • Feel tired of the drama and game-playing?
  • Struggle with others who don't value your personal space?
  • Have a hard time showing your true colors in relationships?

Got something like this going on? If so, we have the group for you!

Introducing...Relationship SOS

In Relationship SOS, you'll discover your relationship style and the style of others so you can communicate effectively. In the group, we'll work on identifying relationship patterns, recognizing traps, and learning strategies for initiating and maintaining *healthy* relationships. This group applies to all kinds of relationships, including romantic relationships, friendships, roommate or peer relationships, and family relationships.

Spring 2020 Group Information:

TIME:  Tuesdays, 5-6 p.m.

DATES: The group meets 2/4 to 3/3.

PLACE:  CAPS Main. Check in at the front desk.

COST: $10 each group (can be billed to Bursar's)