Referrals and Community Resources


Oasis Sexual Assault and Trauma Services can make relevant referrals to providers and agencies that are likely to be beneficial to the individual seeking assistance. When an individual comes to Oasis wanting to address issues other than recent or ongoing interpersonal violence or sexual assault, or needs counseling services that are not provided by Oasis , a referral to another agency is made. All efforts are made to recommend services that will be cost effective, accessible, and reputable. Oasis staff can also make referrals for those individuals who do not wish to address sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking with an Oasis staff member or with members of the UA community.

Frequent referrals made in the last year:

  • Medical providers for STI testing, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, and treatment of injuries
  • Legal assistance
  • Psychiatric services
  • Other mental health agencies or clinicians
  • Shelter services
  • Offender treatment

Community Resources

The Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (520) 327-7273

Emerge! Center against Domestic Abuse 1-888-428-0101;1-888-472-1717

There are numerous agencies in the Tucson and campus community that can assist you if you have been impacted or are currently being impacted by sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact, relationship violence, or stalking.