Psychiatric Medication

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Short-Term Psychiatry Services

Psychotropic medications can sometimes be helpful in treating long-standing, or even acute mental health issues. Students needing psychotropic medications may be able to obtain them at Campus Health. Your primary care provider can prescribe these medications in some cases, but often, a more thorough evaluation or assessment of an ongoing or complex situation will be referred to a member of the CAPS psychiatry team for evaluation. Students may also be referred to CAPS psychiatry by their CAPS counselor.

How it works:

Once you have been given a psychiatry appointment at CAPS, one of our psychiatric providers will work with you over a period of six to twelve weeks to help as much as possible. CAPS has been developing mental health partnerships for referrals for continuing psychiatric care, if it is needed beyond this period, or if more intensive treatment is needed than what we can provide. In cases where the management of treatment is more complex or ongoing than our services can provide for, a referral to see a psychiatric provider in the community will be made.

How to Initiate Short-Term Psychiatry Services:

Students Not Currently Taking Psychotropic Medications

If you have never been on psychotropic medication, or were previously on medication that is no longer being prescribed for you and you believe that you may benefit from this form of treatment, you may meet remotely with a counselor in CAPS Triage to discuss your concerns.

If the CAPS triage counselor, or another CAPS or Campus Health provider agrees that medications may be helpful, you will be referred for an evaluation appointment with a member of the CAPS psychiatry team.

He or she will talk with you to assess past history and current circumstances in order to determine whether medications may be helpful and, if so, which medications might be prescribed.

Students Currently Taking Psychotropic Medication That Was Not Prescribed By A Campus Health or CAPS Provider

Follow the same procedure as above. Meet remotely with the Triage counselor about seeing a psychiatric provider for an evaluation so that they can assess whether we will be able to renew your prescription at CAPS.

***Be aware that it can take as long as four weeks to get in to see a CAPS psychiatric provider, so allow ample time – don’t wait until your medications are almost gone. Come in when you have a month’s supply left so that you have time to see the Triage counselor and a member of the CAPS psychiatry team before you run out of medication.***

Please note: This process will go faster if you have records from your current/prior treating doctor BEFORE you see a member of the CAPS psychiatry team. The psychiatric provider will need to review why the medication was prescribed, your relevant medication history, (dosage changes, prior negative reactions, etc.) and the last dosage prescribed for you.

Late arrivals, rescheduling, and cancellations:

If you're more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled counseling appointment, you may need to be rescheduled to the next available appointment time.

To cancel or reschedule a CAPS appointment, call before 4 pm the day before your appointment or there will be a late cancellation charge billed to your account.

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