Prescription Drug Drop Box

Drop off your unwanted, unused, or expired prescription drugs into the lime green drop box located in the UA Campus Health Pharmacy next to the Burt’s Bees display.

Recycling your prescription drugs is anonymous, with no questions asked or labels checked.


When you flush drugs down the toilet they can leach into the water supply.

  • Antibiotics, birth control, mood stabilizers, sex hormones, and a variety of other drugs have been found in municipal water and bottled water. Home filtration systems can remove some but not all of the contaminants.  
  • Studies have shown that bottled water is no safer than municipal water, and around 25% of bottled water is actually just repackaged tap water. But unlike water from the tap, bottled water has significant environmental costs.  Plastic creates waste, it takes energy – and additional water – to produce.
  • Fish from contaminated water sources and crops watered with affected water can have remnants of pharmaceutical medications

When you throw drugs into the trash they can be harmful to animals, small children, and leech into the ground in landfills.

  • Pets and wildlife can eat drugs out of the trash, posing dangers to them.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs are taken up in the soil and can deposit harmful chemicals and hormones for years.

When you keep unused/expired drugs lying around you risk poisonings or other harms

  • Most overdoses are accidental, and children or pets can have fatal accidents.
  • Expired prescription drugs lose potency, so they become less effective over time.

The Drop Box does NOT accept:

  • thermometers
  • inhalers
  • lotions/liquids
  • aerosol cans
  • needles
  • hydrogen peroxide

Help Us Protect the Environment and Promote Public Health....

Dispose of your pharmaceuticals the safe way - in the Prescription Drug Drop Box at the UA Campus Health Pharmacy.