Spencer Gorin, RN, BSN, BA

Program Specialist, Alcohol / Other Drug Harm Reduction

Spencer is the Alcohol & other Drug (AOD) & Harm Reduction Program Specialist for HPPS. He concentrates on alcohol education, anti-hazing, healthy masculinity, human relationship outreach and programming. Spencer developed and facilitates, "The Buzz,” HPPS's fun, game -oriented, interactive alcohol education presentation. The Buzz is now nationally licensed by other universities, high schools and mental health organizations.  Spencer also facilitates SHADE classes as well as GLUE (Guiding Leaders through Unifying Experiences) workshops. He serves on the UA Sexual Assault Prevention Council.  He is a nationally valued speaker and the co-author of the book, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, Curriculum and Activities for Classroom and Playground Management. Spencer received his BSN from The University of Arizona and his BA in Sociology from SUNY at New Paltz.