Minnie Almader, LPC, Ed.D.

Mental Health Clinician

About Minnie Almader

Dr. Almader is a proud U of A alumni! She started her educational journey with a scholarship. Dr. Almader understands the demands of college life and important role that advisors, staff, counselors, professors, administrators and para professionals can have in the life of each student.

Degree & License

Dr. Almader is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and has Master of Education and Doctor of Education.

Role at CAPS

Dr. Almader provides individual counseling at CAPS as well as groups and workshops.

Clinical Interests and Specialties

The understanding of diverse cultures has played a vital role in Dr. Almader’s life. She identifies as a first-generation and Latinx. Dr. Almader is committed to helping students understand how stress can have a critical impact on learning and memory processes. She is also interested in the connection between poor sleep and stress.

Treatment Approach

Dr. Almader has training in both psychological modalities and yoga. She focuses on the multiple dimensions of human experience; the physical, the spiritual and the psychological. Ultimately, Dr. Almader believes each individual can break free from destructive behaviors and enjoy a new and improved state of mental, spiritual and physical health.