Perform Under Pressure: Test Anxiety Workshop

Which of the following statements is most true:

a) I freeze during exams
b) Sometimes I avoid studying out of fear or stress
c) I predict the most negative outcome for tests
d) My nerves get in the way of showing what I know on tests
e) All of the above

If you can relate to any of the above, you may have test anxiety.

Test anxiety is a performance anxiety (like stage fright), and it affects about 1/3 of college students. Test anxiety includes physical symptoms of nervousness and stress, worried thoughts, and anxious study strategies that can interfere with studying and test performance all semester long. These symptoms work together to create a vicious cycle of disappointing test performance, higher stress, lower confidence, and more anxiety.

You can break the cycle! This spring, CAPS is partnering with the Think Tank to bring you the Perform Under Pressure workshop.

In Perform Under Pressure, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage the demands of school.
  • Keep a positive mindset.
  • Release the pressure that's hurting your grades.
  • Stay motivated.
  • Use performance science strategies to stay in your peak performance zone.

Fall 2019 Workshop Information:

When: 5-6 p.m. Wednesday, October 9 and November 13

Where: TBA

Cost: Free!

How to join: Drop-ins are welcome. You can also speak with your CAPS provider or a triage counselor to find out if this workshop is right for you.

Have questions? Call CAPS to speak with Leslie Ralph, Ph.D. at (520) 621-3334.

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