For Parents and Family

Consultation for Parents

College is a time of transition and growth - for students and parents/family. During college, students face new challenges related to academics, time management, finaces, relationships, and their identity. When a student is overwhelmed or in crisis, they often turn to their parents for help and advice. Parents may be able to offer reassurance, but are often at a loss as to where to seek further assistance. Therefore, while support from parents is important during this time of unique challenges, it can also be helpful for students to talk to a trained professional. With this in mind, Parents Matter was created. Parents are a key factor in student success, both academically and personally. We are here to help you help them!

Parents Matter is a free consultation service offered by CAPS (Counseling & Psych Services), a component of Campus Health Service. Parents of UA student are welcome to call CAPS (520-621-3334) or e-mail us at with their concerns.

Concerned parents and families can find out more about helping their student succeed personally and academically through our Parents Matter website.

Find out about more parent and family resources through the UA Dean of Students Office.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome is a feeling of loneliness or sadness that occurs among parents after children grow up and leave home.

Find out more about coping with this transitional time, maintaining a close relationship with your child, and learning to let go: