Obtaining an EMPLID for a Designated Campus Colleague (DCC)

Quick Process to be Used in Obtaining an EMPLID:

This is specific to a DCC enrolling onto the Student Health Insurance.

An EMPLID can be requested as soon as the visitor has been invited to the University.

Because the DCC is still out of the country, you can respond to the DCC transaction as follows: 

  • 1st question: Is the person a US Citizen or Person Resident = Select NO
  • 2nd question will appear when NO is selected: Will the person be collaborating or performing their services in the US = Select NO

This will bypass the Visa Document requirements, and will allow the department to proceed with the DCC process and get an EMPLID. 

Additional Information for Departments: Add comment to explain DCC is currently out of the country, and visa documents should be hand delivered to Systems Control when DCC arrives to the country.