Oasis Stalking - For Concerned Others

For Concerned Others

How to help an individual who is being stalked:

  • Talk, listen, respect and be emotionally available.
  • Accept the fact that the stalking is happening. Don’t minimize the behaviors that have occurred.
  • Understand that it is not the individual's fault.
  • Listen nonjudgmentally.
  • Suggest options and actions but let him/her decide what action to take.
  • Let him/her talk about his or her fears, but don't force a discussion.
  • If you know the stalker do not share any information with him or her about the victim. Do state your desire for his or her behavior to stop. Be firm.
  • Do not attempt to moderate between the victim and the stalker.
  • Offer shelter if possible, but know and communicate your limits about your own safety and needs.
  • Educate yourself on stalking and services available.
  • Talk with people you can trust and take care of your own emotional/physical health.

Need Additional Help?

Contact the Oasis Program or Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.