Living Authentically & Tackling Life's Ultimate Concerns

Do you...

  • Have concerns about death or the fragility of life?
  • Feel like no one understands you or that you’re alone in your experience?
  • Wonder who you are or how to be your true self?
  • Find life confusing and seek to find meaning and your place in the world?

Making Sense of It All Existential Therapy Group

Making Sense of it All is an existential therapy group that offers a safe place to explore how to live authentically while confronting life’s ultimate concerns of death and uncertainty, freedom and responsibility, existential isolation, and the search for meaning. Learn how to live a values-oriented life even when you're experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings. Existential concepts will be taught and discussed in order to create a structure to help students process their individual concerns.

Group Meeting Information

This group will not meet during the Spring, 2021 semester.


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