Getting Started at CAPS

CAPS Hours Update

Due to CAPS Staff Meetings, the CAPS office will have adjusted hours on the following dates:

  • CAPS will be closed from 12:45 PM to 2:15 PM on February 17, 24; March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; April 7
  • On April 14th, CAPS will open at 2:15 P.M.

Triage screenings and regular CAPS appointments will NOT be available when CAPS is closed. If you are in crisis or have an emergency, please go to your nearest urgent care or emergency room. If you are in distress and need to talk to a counselor, please call 520-621-3334, Opt. 1.

New to CAPS? Longer than 6 months since your last appointment?

Start at triage.

If you have never been seen at CAPS or it’s been 6 months since your last visit, you will need to meet with a triage counselor to get started. Due to social distancing recommendations, all CAPS Triage services are currently available online via HIPAA secure Zoom.

Here's how it works:

Triage visits are 20-30 minutes long and are prescheduled for the same day or within three business days. Triage is open Monday through Friday, 9am-3:30pm (view CAPS hours and locations for university break details).  You may either schedule by: 1) Calling the front desk or 2) Meeting with a Care Coordinator online who will assist you.  

Simply click on the Zoom link below to get started during triage hours. You will immediately go into a waiting room. It may take up to 10 minutes before you are admitted if there is already a student being helped. If so, you may receive a chat message on Zoom letting you know. 


Get started ON ZOOM

*If you are unable to access the internet for any reason, please call CAPS at (520) 621-3334 so that we can assist with setting up phone-based services.

How to prepare for your Triage visit:

If you (or your student) are less than 18 years old:

information for students who are minors


What to expect in your Zoom screening:

When you enter the triage screening meeting, a Care Coordinator will meet with you and guide you through the process of getting connected to a triage counselor. They will provide instructions for how to do your paperwork and schedule you with a triage counselor at a time that works for your schedule (Monday through Friday, 9AM-3:30PM)

During your triage appointment, your triage counselor will briefly assess your concerns and together you'll make a treatment plan that best fits your needs. Depending on your concerns, CAPS services include groups, assistance with community referrals, brief counseling, psychiatry, or connections to other University of Arizona resources.


Preparing for your triage appointment:

Before you begin your triage appointment, make sure you have:

  1. A copy of your insurance card or a screenshot from your insurer's website
  2. 30 minutes to complete paperwork before your appointment begins

Follow these instructions for accessing your paperwork and accessing your Zoom link.

Find out more about how to get the most out of your online counseling visit.

If you've already been seen at CAPS within the past 6 months:

If your last CAPS appointment was within the past 6 months, simply call for an appointment at 520-621-3334.

All ongoing groups and individual counseling sessions are conducted online via Zoom. Psychiatry visits are held by phone or Zoom.

If you're already seeing a counselor or psychiatry provider at CAPS and would like to sign up for a group, ask them for more information about what group might be a good fit for you.