Finding Your Center Group

Finding Your M.I.D.E.

In old Irish, Mide means “center”. And the Ojibwe tribe call their medicine men and women Mide’iwan and their healing practice is called Mide.

The goal of the group is to equip you with the skills to find your center- to better know yourself, understand yourself, to stand your ground, speak your truth and to weather the storm.

In this group, you will learn coping skills that will help you cope with difficult life circumstances. These skills come from the following 4 Modules (M.I.D.E.):

Mindfulness * for developing self-awareness

Interpersonal Effectiveness * healthy relationship skills with other people and yourself

Distress Tolerance * getting through a crisis without making it worse

Emotion Regulation * decreasing negative emotions and generating positive ones

This group will not meet for the rest of Spring, 2020.

For more information, contact Cindy Klatte, LCSW at or at (520) 621-3334.


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