Concerned About a Student?

The CAPS mission is to serve student wellness and success, and one of the ways we do this is through consultation with parents, friends, and staff who may be concerned about a student.

As a parent, friend, or staff member serving students, you may be the first to notice when a student is in distress or facing difficult circumstances. Your special relationship with a student can give you an up-close view of their daily life. You may observe concerning behaviors or learn information about a student's well-being through your interactions. This puts you in a unique position to help connect students with the resources and supports that will help them feel better and succeed in school.

Find out more about what you can do and how you can consult with a CAPS staff member:

For concerned parents and families: Find out more about helping their student succeed personally and academically through our Parents Matter website. View parent and family resources available through the UA Dean of Students Office.

For concerned friends: Find out more about helping a friend who might be experiencing problems.

For concerned UA faculty and staff: Use our Call & Consult service to speak with a CAPS professional to help problem-solve when difficult student problems arise. View faculty and staff resources available through the UA Dean of Students Office.

Learn the signs of psychological crisis and suicide risk.

Learn tips for coping with COVID-19 related stress. 

Find out more about free campus and online resources happening right now.

CAPS Services & Resources Handout - Spring, 2020