CAPS Care Pathways

The Right Path for You

CAPS Care Pathways is a new initiative developed in response to the ever-growing need for mental health support. Our goal is to get the right student, to the right treatment, at the right time, because here at CAPS we believe: 

  • No one should have to wait for mental health treatment. 
  • Every client has different needs that require different types of care.
  • Mental health treatment requires ongoing evaluation to ensure the best outcomes for every client. 

Here's how CAPS Care Pathways works: 

All students who come to CAPS will need to first complete a triage. Prior to triage you will complete some paperwork to get established as a client. Included in your paperwork is a mental health evaluation measure that providers use to help inform treatment recommendations. Paperwork for your first appointment usually takes around 30 minutes. During your triage you will be able to speak to a counselor about your mental health needs in a supportive one-on-one format. Toward the end of your triage you and the counselor will complete a CAPS Care Pathways Custom Care Plan. We will review CAPS’ resources and make recommendations that we believe will meet your needs. Recommendations may include using a single resource or a combination of resources including what is listed below: 

As you progress through your Custom Care Plan, there will be opportunities to reevaluate your plan with a counselor. If you’re interested in starting your own Custom Care Plan simply call to preschedule a triage by calling (520) 621-3334 or “walk-in” through our online triage service