Accessing CAPS Services for Students Who Are Minors

Before CAPS can provide clinical services to someone who is less than 18 years old, there are 5 steps to complete:

1. The student (or their parent/guardian) should call CAPS at 520-621-3334 and ask to speak with a Clinical Care Coordinator (CCC). They are available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

The CCC will explain the next steps and send the student a Message in Patient Link.


2. A parent or guardian will need to download four (4) forms:

· Consent to Treat a Minor

· CAPS Consent to Treatment

· Authorization to Bill Insurance

· Telebehavioral Health Services Consent Form

You can access the forms online here.


3. To submit the forms (once they are completed, signed, and dated):

The parent/guardian then either:

A. Provides the student with pictures of the 4 forms electronically

Student logs into their Patient Link

Student goes to Messages and replies to the Clinical Care Coordinator with attached uploads of the 4 forms.


B. Faxes the forms to CAPS (520-626-6105) with Attention to [name of Clinical Care Coordinator] so they can be informed when it has arrived.


4. Once the forms arrive, we will call the parent/guardian who filled it out to confirm that stage of the process and answer any questions.


5. Then we will contact the student to ask that them to call for a triage appointment or get set up through our website. See Getting Started at CAPS for more information.