CAPS Counseling Group

The CAPS Counseling Group is a 4-week program for students to learn effective strategies for staying on track, setting and reaching goals, managing anxiety, communicating better, and solving problems.

Fall 2018 Group Information

HOW TO START: You can join the group at any time. Speak with a triage counselor (open 9-4 Monday through Friday) to see if this group is a good choice for you. After triage, you can register for a group meeting at the CAPS front desk.


  • Mondays, 3:30-4:45p (8/27-12/3)
  • Tuesdays, 3:30-4:45p (8/28-12/4) *meets at Yuma satellite
  • Wednesdays,3:15-4:30p (8/29-12/5) *meets at Yuma satellite.

LOCATION: Please check in at the CAPS desk for groups meeting on Monday and Thursday. The Tuesday and Wednesday CAPS Counseling Groups will check in at the Yuma satellite office.

COST: $5 per group session

FOR MORE INFO: Contact Mary Belknap, LPC at (520) 621-3334 or

CAPS Counseling Group FAQ'S:

Will this group help me?

Group has been found to be equal to and, at times, more beneficial than individual counseling in addressing most student concerns. Our facilitators are skilled and have strong interests in groups, which adds to the high quality of this form of treatment. Group provides a safe and confidential space to take risks in sharing your thoughts and feelings, learn coping skills, and develop a deeper sense of connection with others. What is shared in group, stays in group.

Group is more cost effective, available, and frequent than individual counseling services at CAPS.

Will it be awkward?

It’s normal to feel a bit awkward or anxious before attending your first group. You are only expected to share as much as you feel comfortable with, and you can share at your own pace. Usually students find that the more they are able to take risks in sharing about their feelings and experiences, the more they get out of the group experience.

Time frame and number of group members:

Group entrance is rolling at various times during the fall and spring semester with the option for students to complete all four 75 minute consecutive weekly sessions of the group series or use group continuously for the semester. Typically 4 to 12 students attend group per session.

Can I use CAPS group and individual counseling at the same time?

Group is just as, if not more so, therapeutic for most students’ counseling needs, therefore CAPS avoids “double counseling”. After students complete the group series, they are welcome to schedule for individual counseling at CAPS. The group facilitator is available to assist students to determine if group or individual services are the best fit for their needs. Group members may stop their group membership at any time.


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