Calm Body, Calm Mind

Panic & Anxiety Group

According to recent studies, nearly one in six college students have been diagnosed with/treated for anxiety and more than 20% report that anxiety affects their academic performance. And right here at UA, more than 60% of the students surveyed at Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS) said they came in for help with anxiety. 

Anxiety can feel terrible, dangerous even, and it makes your world so small by telling you to avoid or escape even everyday situations. Anxiety tells you about everything that could go wrong and asks you to do less and less in order to stay safe. You try to think rationally about it all, but the “what if” and “what they’re thinking” thoughts feel so true. This can interfere with school, relationships, even the things you do for fun!

Anxiety is a very real problem that many college students face, but there is hope! In Calm Body, Calm Mind, you’ll learn how to calm your mind and body to live with more peace and courage.

Calm Body, Calm Mind is a 4-session workshop and support group series for anxiety and panic that repeats throughout the semester. Join at any time!

Here’s what we cover in Calm Body, Calm Mind:

Session 1: Calm Body
Discover the art and science of keeping your body calm.

Session 2: Calm Mind
Slow the momentum of your anxious mind and bring it back to the present moment, cool, calm, and collected.

Session 3: Confident Self
Explore the elements of authentic confidence and how to stay confident through the ups and downs in life.

Session 4: Courageous Living
Watch your world expand as you face your fears and take constructive action as your true self.

This group will not meet for the rest of Spring, 2020.

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