The dental PPO insurance plan offered through Aetna and endorsed by the Arizona Board of Regents is available to all registered University of Arizona students.

2018-2019 Dental Plan Information

2019-2020 Dental Plan Information


The Aetna Dental PPO Plan will NOT be offered for the 2020-2021 policy year due a premium increase of 77%, or a premium change from $343 to $607. This was due to low enrollment and high utilization. Although this plan will not be available, Aetna will continue to offer their dental discount program, Vital Savings on Dental. Several independent dental plans may be available through other dental insurance providers. 

This change does not affect the two dental benefits found under the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan: coverage for impacted wisdom tooth and the accident/injury to sound, natural, teeth. These benefits are available as part of the medical policy.