2020-2021 Premium, Payment & Coverage Periods

Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Administered by Aetna Student Health Premiums and Coverage Periods

No premium will be refunded for the time period purchased.

Full Coverage Period

Fall 2020

08/16/20 - 12/31/20

Spring 2021

01/01/21 - 08/15/21

Summer 2021

06/01/21 - 08/15/21

Individual Coverage: Full Premuim* $1,030.00 $1,695.00 $567.00
30 Days of Coverage is $224.10      

*If not needing the full coverage period, call 520-621-5002 or email chs-insurance@distribution.arizona.edu for prorated premium amount.

Payment of Premium


  • Money Order or Cashier’s Check made payable to UA Campus Health Service
  • Wire Transfer– Once your bank initiates the wire transfer, it can take up to five business days for the UA to receive the funds. Call 520-621-5002 or email chs-insurance@distribution.arizona.edu for wire transfer information.

UA Departmental Payment

UAccess Financials – Submit a Distribution of Income/Expense (DI)

  • Campus Health Service Credit Account 1680001 and Credit Object Code 9190 (Both Credit and Debit need to be entered under the To section)
    • Provide in note field the following information:
      • Status: Post Doc, J1 Visiting Scholar or J1 Student Intern
      • Name of individual
      • Health insurance coverage period
      • Department contact name and phone number
      • Once submitted, provide the UA Campus Health Insurance office with the document number. Call 520-621-5002 or email chs-insurance@distribution.arizona.edu

The University of Arizona Student Health Insurance Plan exceeds the Department of State insurance requirements for J1 Visiting Scholars / J1 Student Interns and meets the Federal ACA Health Care Reform requirements.