2018-2019 Dental Insurance Plan

Policy year 2018-2019
Aetna PPO Dental Plan

The Dental Insurance Plan is available only to registered UA Students; regardless of their Student Health Insurance Plan participation. Dependent coverage is available for the Aetna PPO Dental Plan.

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Available Coverage Periods
  Annual: 8/16/18-8/15/19 Fall: 8/16/18-12/31/18 Spring: 1/1/19-8/15/19
Student Only $394 $394 $394
Student +1 Dependent $788 $788 $788
Student + 2 or More Dependents $1,182 $1,182 $1,182
Last day to Enroll: September 4, 2018 September 4, 2018 January 23, 2019

Referral Requirement/Maintaining Network Benefits:
Under this plan, you may choose at the time of service either a PPO participating dentist or any nonparticipating dentist. With the PPO plan, savings are possible because the PPO participating dentists have agreed to provide care for covered services at the negotiated fee schedule.

Locating Aetna participating providers:  On-line provider directory: www.aetnastudenthealth.com

Insurance ID cards
ID cards will be mailed by Aetna within 15 business days from when you enroll.

For Assistance with enrollment or benefits:
Aetna Dental Customer Service